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went in person to check this bag out and really love it right when I seen it. Until I put my stuff in it. It went all over the place, as in it was so soft it didn't keep structure or take a place it was just bending, which caused a big portion of the interior lining to show. I am wondering after this bag bre louis vuitton,I love the Galleria - so would recommend that.But, if you really LOVE the empriente artsy, obsess over it, think about it a lot, then you should really save a bit more and get it instead. This is because you will keep thinking about it after you purchase something else - so you should always always get the bag that you LOVE and can't live without! LV,

Gorgeous~!! Congrats~!! louis vuitton replica


Congrats on your 1st LV! Show us!!! Would love to see mod pics louis vuitton outlet

love them! my only "complaint" is that the flamme artsy wasn't front and center because it is one of my all-time favorites! i have a gray ostrich band on one of my watches, and that alma would be the perfect match. hmmm.... giving me ideas... all of them are TDF! louis vuitton outlet
,Congrats! 3g tablet,soooooo pretty! I really want to get one too, but I just bought the damier speedy 30 about 2 months ago and I can't justify getting something so similar so soon :( LV,

Call me dense, but why orange handles. Beige I can understand. louis vuitton outlet